GreenCore and Mitsubishi HC Capital America Partner to Provide Financing for Solar EV Charging Plazas


Mitsubishi HC Capital America will provide 100% financing which allows GreenCores’ Solar EV Charging Plaza owners to profit and expand as electric vehicle sales continue to soar. “Mitsubishi HC Capital America is committed to supporting next generation ideas that support renewable energy and target energy creation, storage, and conservation. GreenCore’s EV Plazas fit squarely into our company’s sustainable development goals and as such, we are excited to extend an innovative financing solution to investors in GreenCore Plazas,” says Jim Teal, division President and COO – Vendor Services, Mitsubishi HC Capital America.

“GreenCore breaks down the barriers of entry for owners of electric vehicles by building and operating premium, fast-charging, consumer friendly EV Charging Plazas located in places convenient to the electric vehicle driver,” says Terrance Mendez, GreenCore’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our environmentally friendly construction techniques and technologies allow us to place EV Plazas in highly desirable locations. Our plan is to develop over 10,000 Solar EV Charging Plazas by the end of the decade. We are truly excited to partner with Mitsubishi HC Capital America to provide innovative solutions that solve electric vehicle ownership challenges.”

GreenCore’s goal of enabling efficient transportation solutions that contribute to a greener planet aligns with Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s ESG commitment.

Mr. Mendez shared that GreenCore’s ideal partners are property owners that service consumer centric establishments such as quick service restaurants, retail, entertainment, and medical practices looking for ways to further monetize their property while delivering a beautiful EV charging solution for their customers. “We intend to democratize EV charging station ownership so that more people can own a piece of this exploding market,” says Mr. Mendez. “With Mitsubishi HC Capital America weight behind this, it will be easier than ever to join the rising tide of EVs.” If you are interested in investing with GreenCore in an EV Charging Plaza please contact [email protected]

Mitsubishi HC Capital America brings our consultative approach and expertise to customers of all sizes to help their businesses grow every day. Serving as a collaborative partner, we provide customized financing solutions for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, work trucks/transportation, IT, staffing, healthcare and clean technology/mobility. We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to improve the communities where we operate. Visit

GreenCore EV Services will build and operate a network of more than 10,000 premium Solar EV Charging Plaza’s throughout the United States by the end of the decade. Their Solar EV Charging Plazas will accommodate consumer and commercial vehicles. Partnering with retail establishments and property owners, GreenCore’s Solar EV Charging Plaza’s will provide a superior experience for drivers. Perpetual charging will replace range anxiety as drivers will be able to reliably charge their vehicles in safe and convenient locations.

GreenCore’s team leveraged its decades of experience in solar and EV infrastructure to develop environmentally friendly techniques and technologies that align with its mission to contribute to a greener planet. GreenCore’s team members have constructed hundreds of EV stalls across the United States including the two largest and most complicated solar EV charging stations in North America.

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